AIXoem_setup_env VIOS AIX shell
AIXsmtctl - multithreading, emstat -v - emulated cpu instructions, vmstat -v (tail -5 for buffers issues) performance stats, lvmo -a lvm tunables, svmon -P pid, ioo -FL (compares tunabled values, defaults and current), vmo -F -a (shows all, including restricted tunables)
AIX filemon -o <outputfile> to outfile, use -O detailed,all for all levels, -d requires trcon to start. i.e. filemon -d -T 5242880 -O detailed,all -o fmon.out
AIXlsattr -E -l sys0 -a maxuproc, Maximum processors per user
AIXtrcstop to stop filemon
SPCommands to multiple TSM Servers TSM1,TSM3: <command>
AIXmksysb example "/usr/bin/mksysb -i -X /opt/redback/uda1-pcc-dcp.mksysb.08022011"
AIXdate +%m = Decimal month, date +%M =Decimal minute, date +%h = character month, date +%H = decimal hour, date +%d = decimal day, date +%D = date
UNIXsimple loop example, while sleep 5 </n>, do </n>, lspath </n>, done
SPTSM server 6.n startup . /home/tsminst2/sqllib/db2profile, cd /home/tsminst2/, /opt/tivoli/tsm/server/bin/dsmserv -q -u tsminst2 -i /home/tsminst2 & (For TSM1 use user "tsm1")
SPTDP validation "/usr/tivoli/tsm/tdp_r3/ora64/backint -p /oracle/QEC/102_64/dbs/initQEC.utl -f password"
SPTSM exceptions "q event * * exc=yes"
AIXoslevel -r -g 6100-07, to list filesets greater than 6100-07. oslevel -r -l 6100-07 to list filesets less than 6100-07
UNIX(set user id) and sgid (set group id) are the equivalent of adopted authority in i5OS. Are represented as an "s" in the executable part. e.g. chmod u+s
UNIXWhen a directory has the sgid mode enabled, any files or directories created in it will inherit the group id of the directory.
UNIXSticky bit is displayed in a long directory listing in the place of the executable flag as "t" for other users (the last character), with the same meaning for upper and lower case as for suid and sgid. If set for a directory, it permits only the owning user or the superuser (root) to delete or unlink a file.
UNIXnmon -f -s 30 -c 2880 -m /backupdb
AIXmount -v cdrfs -o ro /dev/cd0 /mnt
AIXUser last login, lsuser <username>, /etc/security/lastlog, last -1 <username>,
AIXReset user, chsec -f /etc/security/lastlog -a unsuccessful_login_count=0 -s <username>, chuser "account_locked=false" <username>
AIXchroot aix, /etc/ftpaccess.ctl and puseronly:test123 (below) readwrite:/home/test123, restart ftp subservers stopsrc -t 'ftp' and startsrc -t 'ftp' . GUI to work /usr/samples/tcpip/anon.users.ftp <username>
SP"tdpsqlc query tsm *" query all backup objects
AIXif 0042-027 NIM machine has no "Mstate" attribute, run a check NIM client operation first and that will create a Mstate value. Then you can reset and deallocate NIM resources from the NIM client machine.
SPTSM "show version" command to examine objects and their states.
AIX"cat filename | chpassword" , for batch password changes. File format is username:password
AIX/etc/security/lastlog is last login. /etc/security/failedlogin, who /etc/security/failedlogin and /usr/sbin/acct/fwtmp < /etc/security/failedlogin, to read failed logins.
UNIXNFS /etc/exports, /etc/xtab, exportfs -v, showmount -e
SPTSM unix restore example dsmc restore /export/spot/uda1-pcc-dcp-spot/usr/"*"
AIXlsnim -a spot , whill give you a list of allocated spot resources
AIXlppchk -v (lpp verification)
AIXHISTFILE varaible controls history, .sh_history in home directory if variable isn't set.
AIXTo fix mismatch filesystems, varyoffvg, exportvg and importvg or try redefinevg -d hdiskn vgname and synclvodm
AIXlqueryvg -p hdisk0 -v to associate a disk with a volume group id
AIXsmitty mpiopath - manage AIX multipath IO
UNIXset -x # activate debugging from here and +x to stop debugging and ksh -x debug at runtime
STGSVC CLI - see history "svcinfo catauditlog -delim : -first 15"
AIXlspv | awk '{system("bootinfo -s" $1)}' command from awk (space maybe needed in the command)
AIXlsuser -ca unsuccessful_login_count ALL | awk -F":" '{print $2}' Awk delimeter
AIXcat /etc/security/lastlog | grep -e :$ | grep -v ^* | tr -d ":" | awk '{system("lsuser -a unsuccessful_login_count "$1)}' | tr -s "=" " " | awk '{if($3 > 2) system("chsec -f /etc/security/lastlog -a unsuccessful_login_count=0 -s " $1)}' Awk with tr
AIX"lsdev -p fscsi1" List child devices
AIX"mkfs -V jfs2 /dev/lvname" format a logical volume for reuse
AIXstartsrc -s sendmail -a "-bd -q30m" Send mail start if stuck
DBOracle connectivity export ORACLE_SID, sqlplus / as sysdba. Tna and listerner config files are in $ORACLE_HOME/network/admin
DBOracle recovery ,startup mount; RECOVER DATABASE UNTIL CANCEL USING BACKUP CONTROLFILE; (Specify second most recent redo log fullpath) ALTER DATABASE OPEN RESETLOGS;
DBOracle commands select name from v$datafile; (Database Files) select group#, member from v$logfile; (redo logs)
UNIXif [ ${STATUS} != 'prepared' ] example using != for characters
UNIXssh-keygen -t rsa, to generate rsa key pair
SPWindows command line TSM restore. Use drive letters, instead of UNC filespace names
SPTDP SQL restore from differential. First restore FULL with log without Recovery option and replace checked. Then restored the difffull with the log and without replace and with recovery checked.
AIXAdd VLAN's to SEA, create new Virtual IO adapter (l-lan) on VIO servers. chdev -dev entX -attr virt_adapters=entY,entZ (where entX is the SEA and entY is the adapter that was already part of the SEA and entZ is the new virtual adapter)
UNIXksh hints use "?" For a single level wildcard for ls. Use "/" to search for previous entry in vi mode.
SPTSM Client version SQL select node_name from NODES where CLIENT_VERSION='6' and CLIENT_RELEASE='1' and CLIENT_LEVEL='3'
IBMiMIMIX v6 FILE exclusions, Make sure COOPDB is *NO and TYPE is FILE and OBJATR is 'PF-DTA'. Then LODDGFE will ignore excluded files correctly.
AIXpwdadm -c user This will remove the ADMCHG flag without need to vi the file directly.
AIXPerformance HMC wide, lparstat, app displays the the availble CPU's in the shared processor pool. Need "Allow performance information collection" checked in the LPAR profile to see app.
AIXAdditional processor pools can be capped by the maximum CPU setting and CPU's can be reserved (but not allocated to a particular LPAR) for uncapped CPU pool ultilization. The maximum setting must include allocated CPU and the reserved CPU.
AIXOS processor folding, 5.3 onwards can consolidate threads to use less VCPU's. Processor folding can be disabled: #schedo –o vpm_xvcpus=-1
AIXchvg -t 2 vgname, to change a VG to factor 2 (This means that the PP size per PV doubles, but the MAX PV's decreases by half)
AIXexport TERM=vt100 to have the more command output stay on the screen.
SPdsmc incr /fs (filesystem without trailing slash will update incremental information)
SPdsmc incr -subdir=yes /fs/dir/ (directory will not update incremental information and will re backup data)
STGsvcinfo and svctask -? List all commands SVC CLI
LIN date -s "MM/DD/YYYY hh:mm" set time and hwclock --systohc hardware clock sync
UNIXRedirect stderr output to a file "command 2> outfile.txt"
UNIXcp -pR is best for recursive copy
AIXDLPAR remove device, do not delete device from configuration profile first. Have to changed to desired or not required in configuration profile first and then DLPAR will work. Then delete from configuration profile.
SPTDPSQLC with MSSQL native authentication /SQLAUTHentication=SQLUserid /SQLUser=sa /SQLPassword=password
AIXHMC Wizard http://www-912.ibm.com/s_dir/slkbase.NSF/1444e529a72ba96486256a6400681992/c69799b70a28578c8625712c004fe06b?OpenDocument
AIXHMC and firmware matrix, http://www-933.ibm.com/support/fixcentral/firmware/supportedCombinations
AIXlsdev -dev ent5 -attr , VIO lsattr equivalent
AIX/usr/lpp/Atape/instAtape -a ,will unconfigure all devices that have alternate pathing set to No,and will reconfigure all devices, setting alternate pathing to Yes.
AIXentstat: 0909-003 Unable to connect to device ent4, errno = 19, means that SEA has failed over to other VIO
AIXNIM SPOT checks, nim -o check aix61tl3sp3_spot and nim -o lppchk -a show_progress=yes aix61tl3sp3_spot
AIXNFS stopping state, startsrc -s portmap
AIXmove logical volume to another volume group, create new log volume and format "logform /dev/loglv04", change filesystem attributes pointing to new lv and log lv "chfs -a dev=/dev/poolsqlmetalv -a log=/dev/loglv04 /poolsqlmeta" and then "fsck -p <newlv>"
AIXsmit install_latest, Install latest software
UNIXldd to see dynamically linked objects required for binaries
AIXNPIV commands, "lsmap -npiv -all" to list vfchosts (which are created by a Virtual Fiber Client server mapping in the HMC). vfcmap -vadapter vfchostn -fcp fcsn (mapping the virtual NPIV adapter to a physical HBA port). Create the Client Virtual adapter first, Using the first WWPN.
AIX"redefinevg -d hdiskn rootvg" to sync PV information to the ODM
AIX"lqueryvg -Atp hdiskn" shows VGDA information on physical volumes
AIXsplitvg will create a new snapshot vg from a mirrored vg, joinvg will recreate the mirror.
AIXrecreatevg will create a vg from a hdisk
AIXrendev -l ent0 -n ent99, rename devices (AIX 6.1 and 7.1)
AIXipl_varyon -i, shows all disks with a boot signature
AIXfslvname usually indicates a logical volume that is part of a snapshot vg
SPdsmadmc -commadelimited, for comma delimted output
AIXbootlist -m normal -o, display bootlist
DBbin/uv -admin -stop Universe stop .uvhome will show environment
AIXchfs -a mount=true /filesystem
UNIXIf a filesystem is locked, try fuser -u /dev/lvname
AIXifconfig -ld down IP interfaces, ifconfig -lu up IP interfaces
AIXerrlog is VIO version of errpt
AIXChanging VIO SEA priority, chdev -dev entn -attr ha_mode=standby to make backup. chdev -dev entn -attr ha_mode=auto to set back to revert to primary or auto failover status
AIXchange paging space, chps -s nn hd6 (add PP's), chps -d nn hd6 (substract PP's), lsps -a (Detailed list of paging space and logical volumes)
AIXwhen copying /etc/users and groups, must recreate user and group pconsole. Experienced issue when installing new TL level on AIX 6.1
AIX For X11 forwarding to work on AIX, X11 filesets must be installed, including x11.dt and xauth which is included in X11 config fileset (AIX 6.1)
AIXlsattr -Rl devicename -a attributename will list all viable attribute settings.
AIXchdev -l 'smc1' -a alt_pathing='yes', MPIO tape library. Control path.
SPappend waitt=0 against checkin libv TSM commands to negate tape load request.
AIXdiag, Task selection, used for tape scsi resets.
AIXchpath -l hdisk1 -p scsi0 -s disable, chpath example
UNIXfind +mtime and +ctime modified time and creation time.
AIXrpcinfo -p for RPC info and nfso -a for NFS tunables. NFS v3 is TCP, and NFS v2 is UDP.
AIXnetstat -i for MTU
AIXsmit nim_mac_op, Perform NIM client tasks from NIM server.
SPdsmc restore /tempspace2/SE/ -subdir=yes, Complete TSM restore
AIXnim -o showres lpp_source1, Show contents of a NIM resource.
AIXnim -o update -a packages=all -a source=/dev/cd0 lpp_source1, update NIM resource
AIXnim -o update -a packages="bos.games bos.terminfo" -a source=/dev/cd0 lpp_source1, Single fileset update
AIXnim -o update -a recover=yes -a source=/dev/cd0 lpp_source1, recover missing SIMAGES from OS installed CD
AIX/usr/lib/instl/lppmgr -d /export/lpp_source/directory -uxV, check for superseded and duplicate filesets
AIXlsnim simages("support images") lpp_source flag denotes that it is OS installable
AIXnim -o allocate -a lpp_source=LPPRESOURCE_NAME MACHINE, Allocate nim resource example to a machine
AIXlsnim -O MACHINE will list valid operations
AIXnim -o check NIMRESOURCE, Check NIM resource
AIXlslpp -w /usr/sbin/binaryname, shows what fileset is attached to the binary
AIXlslpp -d, dependent filesets
AIXlppchk -v -m 3, shows detailed information about required filesets
AIXnim -o showlog -a full_log=yes -a log_type=nimerr ULT4-TAS-DCP, NIM error log for a particular NIM object
AIXsmit lsmksysb, list contents of mksysb. restore -T will also do this
AIXsmit lsbackvg, list contents of savevg
AIXsmit restmksysb, restore mksysb files
AIXsmit restsavevg, restore savevg files
AIXloopmount -i /spare/Image_110710_1447.iso -o "-V cdrfs -o ro" -m /mnt, mount an iso image
AIXchpv -h y hdisk3, to create hotspare disk in volume group.
AIXsmit nim_mac_op,select "cust" and specify fileset(s), to install filesets to a machine. Must allocate an lpp_source resource first.
AIXAfter mksysb restore, smit chgsys and change the maximum number of processes per user 4096
AIXAfter "Restorevg" underlying mount point permissions are not properly retained.
SP"restart restore" will restart a restartable TSM restore session from the BA client
AIX"lsmcode -d <device>" display microcode
DPsyscat.tables and syscat.columns for TSM SQL
SPpwdadm -f NOCHECK <username>, circumvent password restrictions in /etc/security/user
PCExcel YMD to DMY, format number fields to custom yymmdd and then use the "Data" Text to Columns tool to convert.
AIXredefinevg -d hdisk0 rootvg, re-associate a physical volume to volume group. Then synclvodm -v old_rootvg, to rebuild the logical volumes. This was done after varyonvg had failed.
AIXchpv -Cc <hdiskn>, the disk no longer has an old vgda or boot image
AIXreadvgda <hdiskn>, physical volume data area information
AIXlspv -free , unmapped VIOS disks
AIXsysdumpdev -l, system dump information
AIXenq -AWs, list of AIX printers
IBMiWRKTIMZON, i5OS time zone detail
UNIXwho -r, runlevel AIX
AIX/var/adm/cron/log, cron logs
AIXmultibos, same OS level. -s setup, -S shell
AIXlslpp -S O optional filesets and lslpp -S A lists filesets with installation.
IBMiCPF2469 unmonitored by QSRSLCP2, to resolve BRMS issue clear the SAVACTMSGQ message queue.
COBOLmflicense, cd /opt/microfocus/mflmf, lmfgetpv (Info), mflm_cmd (input licence) use "/ number" as function keys
AIXlshwres -r virtualio --rsubtype fc --level lpar -m <managed frame>, List all virtual IO for a managed system.
AIXtelinit q to examine the /etc/inittab
AIXvtmenu, from HMC for console from hmc shell. mkvterm -m <managed frame> -p <lpar name>. To close console rmvterm -m <managed frame> -p <lpar name>
IBMiCHGSRVA PTFGRPLVL(0001), V6R1 single PTF view
LINdmidecode, linux hardware information
IBMiWRKRDBDIRE, *ALWLOWER apprears just to require *USRID (User ID only)
SPselect sum(backup_mb)+ sum(archive_mb)+ sum(spacemg_mb) as PRIMARY_MB from auditocc, total occupancy for TSM servers
VXFSvxdisk rm <diskname>, remove veritas disk
VXFSvxdg destroy <dgname>, remove disk group
VXFSvxdg -T 140 init <testdg> <devicename>, add disk to diskgroup using vxvm 5.0 compatible private region.
VXFSvxassist -g <diskgroup> make <logicalvolume> 2000m, create 2G volume
VXFSvxvol -g <diskgroup> start <logicalvolume>, start logical volume (after import)
AIXchlv -n <newlvname> <lvname> , rename logical volume.
SLRzoneadm list -cv, list solaris zones
SLRzlogin zone, login into zone from global zone.
SPdel group {VMFULL}\TSM\VMFULL\* -ina -pick, select FULLVM VCB backups to delete
AIX/usr/bin/ioscli -> /usr/ios/cli/ioscli, use VIOS commands in oem_setup_env
UNIXrpm -qpR gnupg-1.4.11-2.aix5.1.ppc.rpm, see rpm dependencies before install
SLRdevfsadm, scan for new Solaris devices
UNIXUnix file owners, can change permissions of file.
AIXlvmstat -v datavg -e, start lvmstat volume group collection. Replace the -l for logical volume
AIXlvmstat -v datavg -d, stop lvmstat volume group collection Replace the -l for logical volume
AIXlvmstat -v datavg -c 5, list top 5 logical volumes in the volume group
AIXAIX checksum on a file, cksum.
AIXchange "sa" in /etc/bootptab to NIM server alternate IP and refresh -s inetd, after nim resource allocation and before bos install via NIM. (depreciated process)
AIXCreate a new entry in /etc/hosts, Have to define new interfaces for VLAN IP address via Manage Machines -> Manage Network Install Interfaces -> master -> select "VLAN IP hostname"
AIXlsnim -l master, shows interfaces and other nim information
AIXcrfs -v jfs2 -g'<vgname>' -a size='78G' -m'/filesystem' -A'yes' -p'rw', easy way to create a jfs2 filesystem
VXFS/usr/lib/vxvm/bin/vxdiskunsetup, to remove disk from vxvm
SLRuadmin 2 0, go to Solaris domain console OK prompt
SLRzfs get all <zpoolname>
VXFSvxdisksetup -i <diskname> format=cdsdisk, add disk to vxvm control
VXFSvxdisk scandisks, scan for new vxvm disks
VXFSmkfs -F vxfs /dev/vx/rdsk/<diskgroup>/<volume>
VXFSvxdisk -g <diskgroup>-f resize <disk>
VXFSvxresize -g <diskroup> -F vxfs <volume> +10g, resize filesystem
IBMiSNDSRVRQS *TEST, send IBM service test
AIX/usr/sbin/rsct/install/bin/uncfgct, unconfigure ctrmc resource manager (DLPAR)
AIX/usr/sbin/rsct/install/bin/cfgct, configure ctrmc resource manager (DLPAR)
AIXrmcctrl -z, resets ctrmc resource manager (DLPAR)
AIXrmcctrl -A, resets ctrmc resource manager (DLPAR)
AIXlspartition -dlpar, currently DLPAR capable LPARs
AIXlssyscfg -r lpar -m 9406-570-SN651F45C -F name,rmc_ipaddr, IP addresses of DLPAR systems
UNIXdu -a /var | sort -n -r | head -n 20, top 10 files sorted
SLRzfs mount, list mounted zfs directories
AIXerrclear 0, to clear AIX errpt log
AIXroute get <IP address>, determine what AIX interface is being used for a route
UNIXunshare <hostname>:/directory to remove exported nfs filesystem
UNIXshare, list nfs exported filesystems
UNIXps awxl, show nice values
AIXexport LDR_CNTRL=MAXDATA=0xD0000000@DSA, resolve AIX memory errors with 64bit to 32bit rsync transfer
UNIXxargs -n2 <command> Reads output from the previous command and will process the output as two arguments (seperated by spaces).
AIXssh pam enablement, Usepam=Yes in sshd_config. chsec -f /etc/security/login.cfg -s usw -a auth_type=PAM_AUTH. Add sshd entries in /etc/pam.conf file for auth, account, password and session
AIXChange login length, chdev −l sys0 −a max_logname=18, to see new value "getconf LOGIN_NAME_MAX"
SPselect NODE_NAME,REG_TIME from NODES where REG_TIME LIKE '%2011-12%', When TSM nodes were registered.
STGBrocade Zone admin, Create a new alias in Alias Tab and assign a member WWPN from the left pane -> Create a new zone in the zone tab and assign members from the left pane -> In the Zone admin tab, add left pane inactive zones (black) into the right pane. -> Save
and Enable config to complete
AIXalt_disk_copy is an AIX 5.3 replacement for alt_disk_install
UNIXegrep '<string1>|<string2>' , grep multiple patterns
AIXusrck -y <username> , run this against users after manually copying AIX /etc security files. May also have to run pwdck and grpck to reconcile any password and group issues.
SPMSSQL TDP restore to a different database name. In the Restore Databases tab, Check the required databases and logs, right click on the selected database backup and select "Restore Into" type a new Database name. Then right click on the selected database backup
and select "relocate" and browse to a different directory.
AIXreboot, AIX immediate reboot
AIXValidate AIX installation, instfix -i |grep AIX. If a <OS_TL> level reported not all filesets were found, then instfix -ivk <OS_TL> |grep not|grep : ,will report the relevant filesets
AIXlssyscfg -r sys -F name,state , Server names from HMC
AIXlssyscfg -r prof -m <Server-Model-Serial> -F lpar_name,desired_procs,desired_proc_units,desired_mem , List HMC profile information
AIXlshwres -r proc -m <Server-Model-Serial> --level lpar -F lpar_name,curr_procs,curr_proc_units , List HMC LPAR processor information
AIXlshwres -r mem -m <Server-Model-Serial> --level lpar -F lpar_name,curr_mem , List HMC LPAR memory information
AIXlshmc -V , HMC information
AIXAIX 5.3 and before AIX 6.1 TL4. Cannot dynamically grow rootvg.
AIXswapon </dev/paginglv> and swapoff </dev/paginglv>, is used for activating page files in AIX
SPdsmc restore -fromnode=cougar \\cougar\d$\projx\* d:\projx\, restore from TSM node cougar
AIXTMOUT=10800, Unix shell time out ksh.
LINauthconfig --test, Linux RH5 to show authenication configuration
LINchage -l <username>, Linux Redhat show password policy
LINpam_cracklib.so, Linux password complexity module
SPbrtools -V, shows brtools version
SP/usr/tivoli/tsm/tdp_r3/ora64/backint -p /oracle/DBI/102_64/dbs/initDBI.utl -f inquire, backint ID information.
SLRcat /etc/release, Solaris version
SPrestore /cfptmp/ftpdirector/ /u114/ -subdir=yes -inactive, restore directory to another location.
SLRshare -F nfs -o ro /tsmbackup, Solaris nfs share
SLRflarcreate -n CFPPROD -U "content_architectures=sun4u,sun4v" -c /tsmbackup/CFPPROD.flar, create flar system archive outside of the root disk.
SPdsmc q backup /*/filename* -inactive, search for backup files in dsmc client
SLRshowdomainstatus –a, list Solaris domains in console
SLR/etc/defaultrouter, add an IP address and reboot for default Solaris route.
SP<INSTANCE_HOME>/sqllib/db2nodes.cfg, has to be changed to a new host name if imaging a TSM server from another system. Also db2set -g DB2SYSTEM=<newsystemname> and db2set -all to check the changes, must be signed on as TSM instance user first.
AIXRename a Volume group, exportvg and then importvg using a different name
AIXsmit nimadm, NIM alt disk migration (must be rsh capable)
AIXmtu_bypass, enN attribute in AIX 6 - 7 for persistent IP large send.
AIXchlv -e'x' <lvname>, change a logical volumes inter disk POLICY to maximum. To distribute PP's across as many physical volumes as possible.
AIXAIX ssh permission denied issue, check the /etc/pam.conf file for the ssh entries.
AIXlspath -l hdisk57 -F "connection parent path_status path_id status" -H, for full lspath output
AIXlsof -i:<port number> to determine running process on a socket
UNIXps -t pts/<n> display all processes on that terminal
UNIXps v shows memory and cpu stats for process
UNIXjobs -l shows jobs submitted in the session
UNIXps -eo pid,pgid,tty,status,args to see the process group id
DBexp / file=/u0/app/oracle/admin/l012band/dpdump/test.dat log=/u0/app/oracle/admin/l012band/dpdump/test.log full=yes, to export oracle database to a particular file.
UNIXulimit -f unlimited, ulimit -d unlimited, to remediate "cp: Requested a write of 4096 bytes, but wrote only 3584."
SLRSolaris top equivalent is prstat
AIXVIOS NIM restore, smit nim_mkres -> Manage Control Objects -> Define a Management Object -> vios -> management source = <managed system> , Identity <LPAR ID> via lssyscfg -r lpar -m <managed server name> -F name,lpar_type,lpar_id|grep vioserver
AIXHMC and server call home serviceability requires that "Manager Customer Information" is populated in the HMC, especially customer number
UNIXls -la | tee <filename> , to have screen output and pipe to a file simultaneously
STGhost_list, XIV CLI list hosts WWPN
STGhost_connectivity_list, XIV CLI host to fc port relationship
STGfc_port_list, XIV CLI lists the fc ports
UNIXscript <file.out>, all screen output is copied to this file. Type exit to stop the copying of output.
AIXtruss -fp <process id>, debug a process id.
UNIXfind /directory -name '*.nmon' -mtime +75 -exec rm -f {} \\; find command working in crontab
IBMiCall QSYS/QLZARCAPI, systemi CPU LPAR information
AIXiptrace -i <interface> -s <hostname> -b /outfile.trace, can be started and stopped by startsrc and stopsrc
AIXAIX perfpmr tool, http://www-01.ibm.com/support/docview.wss?uid=aixtools-42612263
AIXVIOS advisor tool, http://www.ibm.com/developerworks/wikis/display/WikiPtype/VIOS+Advisor
AIXPCAP output from AIX, tcpdump -v -w /trc_data/outfile.log host <IP address>
AIXtapeutil -f /dev/<tape device> reset, 3494 tape drive reset
AIXtapeutil -f /dev/<tape device> status
UNIXnice -n 10 /<script> , adds a 10 to the default of 20 and creates the jobs with the nice value of 30, with a total priority of 70 collectively (default priority 60)
UNIXrenice -n 10 -p 1683, adds a 10 to the default of 20 for an existing process
AIXlsfs -q <filesystem>, for filesystem information
UNIXBroadcast messages are sent via the "wall" command.
SPselect DOMAIN_NAME,SCHEDULE_NAME,NODE_NAME from ASSOCIATIONS where NODE_NAME like '%<NODE>%', to determine what nodes are associated what schedules
AIXList NIM objects that are locked, lsnim –a locked To unlock NIM objects, /usr/lpp/bos.sysmgt/nim/methods/m_chattr -a locked="" <NIM object name>
SPvalidate extents <dedup pool> action=markdamaged, To validate TSM dedupe extents
DBARCHIVE LOG LIST, Oracle archive mode, destination and sequence.
DBshow parameter log_archive_dest, Oracle archive log destinations
DBSELECT NAME FROM V$CONTROLFILE; List oracle control files
DBALTER SESSION SET NLS_DATE_FORMAT = 'DD-MM-YY HH24:MI:SS'; Set oracle environment date format
DBselect NAME, SEQUENCE# from v$archived_log; Oracle archive log file names and sequence number
DBselect NAME, SEQUENCE#, THREAD#, FIRST_TIME, FIRST_CHANGE#, NEXT_TIME, NEXT_CHANGE# from v$archived_log where SEQUENCE# > <log sequence number>; shows oracle SCN numbers and oracle archive log file.
DBrecover database until change <SCN number>; Oracle database recovery specifying an SCN number, specify AUTO when asked for a filename.
DBALTER DATABASE OPEN RESETLOGS; This is to run after a oracle database recovery
DBalter system switch logfile; create new archive log file.
DBSELECT dest_name, status, destination FROM v$archive_dest; Oracle archive log destinations
DBalter system set log_archive_dest_1='location=<archive log directory>'; set the archive log directory
DBOracle system01 datafile recovery, recover datafile 1; alter database open
DBDatabases that need recovery, select * from v$recover_file; select substr(name,1,50), recover, fuzzy, checkpoint_change# from v$datafile_header;
AIXhttp://www.ibm.com/developerworks/aix/library/au-migrate_nimadm , NIM admin migration process
LINpassword requisite pam_cracklib.so try_first_pass retry=3 minlength=8 lcredit=-1 ucredit=-1 dcredit=-1 difok=1 type= , Linux /etc/pam.d/system-auth RH6 password complexity
LINpassword sufficient pam_unix.so md5 shadow nullok try_first_pass use_authtok remember=10, /etc/pam.d/system-auth RH6 password history
LIN/etc/login.defs, Linux global password attributes and aging.
AIXNIM interface clean up, nim -o change -a if22= -a cable_type22= master
SPdsmc -virtualnode=<NODENAME>, connect as a another node bypassing locally configured node.
AIXncheck -i <inode> <lvpath>, to find AIX inode
AIXfileplace -pv <filepath>, show fragmentation and placement of files
AIXgensyms -F > gensyms.out, trace -a -T 768000 -L 90000000 -o trace.out, filemon -i trace.out -n gensyms.out -O collated | more, filemon in offline mode
AIX/usr/sbin/mklv -y'<lvsnapshotname' -t'jfs2' <vgname> <PPnum>, snapshot -o snapfrom=<fsname> <lvsnapshotpath>, create lv snapshot
AIXmount -v jfs2 -o snapshot <lvsnapshotpath> <filesystem>, mount snapshot volume
AIXPS1=`whoami`@`hostname`':'${PWD}'>' , for shell prompt
AIXTMOUT is the variable for AIX login timeout
AIXtopasout -a /etc/perf/daily/<topasrecfile>, to convert topasrec output into nmon readable csv file
AIX/usr/sbin/acct/fwtmp < /etc/security/failedlogin, to record failed logins
UNIXnmon -f -t -s 30 -c 120 -m /tmp, with give you process pid information.
LINprintf "\033]; `uname -a` \007\003\n", Terminal screen identifier
AIXgetconf DISK_SIZE /dev/<hdiskn>, getconf -a, AIX get configuration command
SLRfcinfo hba-port, Solaris fiber adapter info.
SLReeprom, System serial number.
STGBrocade commands, nodefind, alishow, zoneshow.
AIXmkuser pconsole, mkgroup -'A' users='pconsole' pconsole, chuser pgrp=pconsole pconsole, mkgroup -'A' users='snapp' snapp, multibos -sX, mount <nimserver>:/<lpp source directory> /mnt, multibos -Xac -l /mnt, multibos -S, oslevel -s, Multibos upgrade
LIN export http_proxy=http://<IP:Port>/ , Redhat proxy setup
AIXsvmon -G -O unit=MB, AIX global memory usage
LINsystool -c fc_host -v | grep "port_name", RH WWPN ports
AIXlsvg <vgname>, to see remaining stale PPs in copy operation.
SLRzfs set aclmode=mask <filesystem>, post oracle solaris live upgrade acl fix
AIXAIX core debug, cd to directory of core file. lquerypv -h core 6b0 64, to the program and then dbx <full path of program> core
UNIXfind <filesystem> -inum <number>, to resolve inode number
AIXtruss -pfa <process id>, for full truss output
SPdsmadmc -tabdelimited, for tabdelimited output
AIXpagesize -a, AIX capable pagesizes
AIXkdb, memp *, to show memory pool utilization. There may be an issue with the memory_affinity tunable.
AIXmailq, sendmail -q -v, sendmail diagnostics
SPshow resq, show TSM resource queue
SPshow damaged <storage pool>, shows TSM damaged objects
SPshow bfo <aggregates>, to help diagnose "Inconsistent content for alias aggregates"
UNIXssh <command> <hostname> 'command1;command2', encapsulate multiple commands in single quotes.
AIXlshwres -r io -m <servername> --rsubtype slotchildren -F phys_loc,description,wwpn - show WWPN's in HMC
AIXinstallp -s, to view all AIX APPLIED filesets .
AIXlslpp -e or emgr -l, to view all AIX interim fixes.
AIXchdev -dev <hdiskn> -attr max_transfer=<value> for vscsi, will only work if you change all the vios vhost adapter disks to the same value.
AIXinstallp -c all, to commit all applied filesets
AIX/etc/swapspaces, configuration for paging spaces and mkps to create new swapspace.
EXCHget-MailboxDatabase, get-StorageGroup, remove-MailboxDatabase -identity <Server\RSG\Database>, remove-StorageGroup -identity <Server\RSG>, Utilities -> Mailboxes. TDP Mailbox restore information.
SPq nodedata * volume=<volumename>, what node data is on a particular volume
SPq schedule nodes=<NODE NAME>, determine what schedules are a associated to a particular node
AIXinstallp -acY -d/<directory>/ <fileset>, Install AIX fileset from directory.
DBselect a.member,a.group#,b.status from v$logfile a ,v$log b where a.group#=b.group# and b.status='CURRENT', current oracle redo log
AIXlsmksysb -l -f /<mksysb_file>, high level mksysb information.
AIXlsmksysb -L -f /<mksysb_file>, mksysb fileset information.
AIXnim -o lppmgr -a lppmgr_flags="-rbux" <lpp_source>, remove duplicate filesets from nim resource
AIXnim -o lppmgr -a lppmgr_flags="-lsb" <lpp_source>, list duplicate filesets from nim resource
SPTEMPLOGREstorepath and and TEMPDBRestorepath in tdpexc.cfg, TDP restore for RDB or RSG
AIXtrustchk -n ALL, checks the integrity of the trusted execution database.
SPSHOW DEDUPDELETEINFO, shows TSM dedupelication delete information
AIX/etc/ibm/sysmgt/dsm/nodeinfo, is required for NIM control objects to function.
AIX/etc/ibm/sysmgt/dsm/nodeinfo entry, "<nim machine>|hmc|<hmcname>||TargetHWTypeModel=<type>-<model>|TargetHWSerialNum=<serialnumber>|TargetLPARID=<number>|<password file>"
AIXdpasswd -f <file> -U <username>, create encrypted password fro NIM
AIXchdev -l inet0 -a "<route type>,-hopcount,1,-netmask,<subnet mask>,<destination>,<gateway>" define persistent routes
AIXlsattr -El inet0, list persistent routes
AIXstatic routes can be added in /etc/rc.net
AIXnim -o cust -a lpp_source=<LPP_SOURCE> -a filesets='<rpmname>' -a accept_licenses=yes -a show_progress=yes <Machinename>, install rpms via NIM
SLRcfgadm -al | grep -i fibre, location of Solaris HBA adapters
UNIXps -ef | grep "[s]tring]", to find a string without displaying the grep process
AIXprocfiles -n <PID>, to list files used by a process
AIXnim -o cust -a lpp_source=<lpp_source> -a filesets=<fix_package_name> <machine>
AIXnim -o lslpp -a lslpp_flags=e <machine>
AIXinstallp -Or <fileset>, if 'lppchk -v' outputs that a fileset (usr: COMMITTED, root: not installed)
SPq san, TSM query of SAN devices
AIX/etc/security/roles, to modify RBAC roles.
AIXchrole auth_mode=NONE <role_name>, for no password prompt, /var/adm/rolelog records swrole usage.
SPTSM SQL sort, order by <column number> asc or order by <column number> desc
SLRcfgadm -v -l, cfgadm -c unconfigure <device path>, cfgadm -c configure <device path>, These are the steps to configure and reconfigure a Solaris device.
SPsu - db2<sid>, /usr/tivoli/tsm/tdp_r3/db264/backom -e /db2/<SID>/tdp_r3/init<SID>.utl -c password , Set TDP R3 node passwords
SPsu - db2<sid>, /usr/tivoli/tsm/tdp_r3/db264/backom -e /db2/<SID>/tdp_r3/init<SID>.utl -c q_db, query TDP R3 backups
AIXctrmc and IBM.ServiceRM subsystems to work after AIX 7.1 upgrade, rsct.basic.rte must be installed.
AIXlsrsrc IBM.MCP, to retrieve HMC connectivity information in AIX 7.1
UNIX /<exported directory> -anon=0,sec=sys,ro, set anon id to 0 to allow root access to NFS exports
AIXfsdb /<filesystem>, inode <number>, convert the di_otime.tj_sec to Decimal and the will give you the Unix time of the file creation.
UNIX./vastool -u <AD username> passwd -rk /etc/opt/quest/vas/host.keytab host/, updates computer credentials in local keytab. Resolves IPC issues.
UNIXgcc <source.c> -o <compiled_output>, compile gcc program
AIX/usr/lib/security/mkuser.default file, defaults for creating AIX users
AIXchdev -U, change device attributes while it is in an Available state.
AIXlsmpio, list path information.
UNIXsed 's/'"VALUE='OLD'"'/'"VALUE='NEW'"'/g', example of text replacement where special characters are used as part of the string.
UNIXTMP="DB_DIR='"'TMP'"'", encapsulating single quotes in variables.
STGlspcmcfg, SDDPCM command path information.
AIXinstallp -l -d <path to fileset>, fileset file information
AIXemgr -P, filesets locked by efixes
AIXmultibos -Xc -b <fileset or fix bundle> -l <fileset or fix location>, install efixes in a multibos environment.
AIXcreate /var/tmp directory, if vi doesn't work
IBMidspfmwsts, systemi display firmware status
IBMiINZSYS, post IBMi OS upgrade. Especially if it doesn't IPL from side B
AIXemgr -l -L <ifix_label> -v3, intermin fix information
AIXmklv -t jfs2 -y <lv_name> -e ‘x’ <vg_name> <PP>, create logical volume with maximum inter-policy across PVs
AIXchlv -e x <lv_name>, to set the inter-policy across PVs
AIXreorgvg <vg_name>, to reorganize the volume to the new logival volume policy
SPq auditocc pool=primary, TSM q auditocc primary or copy pools.
AIXmonhmc -r <resource type> 1 -n 1, HMC monitoring tool
SPq backup '\\<servername>\<drive>\' to query UNC paths from windows TSM clients
UNIXlspv | awk '{print $1,$2}' | while read col1 col2 (Then do loop using $col1 and col $col2), for having variables with multiple columns.
EXCHGet-MailboxDatabase -Status | ft name,last* -auto , MS exchange backup listing
UNIXnohup -p, to nohup an existing process
AIXlspath -E -l <hdisk> -p <path> , show path priority
SPProgram Files\Tivoli\TSM\console\tsmdlst.exe, List Windows tape and library devices
LINmultipath -ll -d, linux multipath command
LINmultipath -k, validate configuration.
STGfabricshow, brocade show switch domain id
UNIXdu -sxh ./*/, List subdirectory sizes in the current directory
LINmpathconf --enable --with_multipathd y, enable Linux multipath
MSselect-string -pattern "<string>", powershell find string
UNIXecho Please type something: (newline) read $variable, ksh input into a variable.
LINecho "- - -" > /sys/class/scsi_host/<host>/scan, scan for new scsi devices on a scsi bus.
LINecho "1" > /sys/class/scsi_device/<device Number>/device/rescan, on both multipath devices when you resize a disk.
EXCHNew-MailboxDatabase -Recovery -Name <name> -Server <servername> -EdbFilePath <path\file.edb> -logFolderPath <path> Create exchange Recovery Database.
SP/usr/tivoli/tsm/client/api/bin64/dsm.sys, TDPr3 backint config.
SPbackfm -p /oracle/<SID>/102_64/dbs/init<SID>.utl , get TDPr3 backup information
AIXchdev -l <hdisk> -a pv=clear, clear disk pvid. (recreatevg must be used to import the volume group)
AIXchsysstate -r lpar -m <MACHINE> -o shutdown --immed --restart -n <LPARNAME>
AIXlssyscfg -r lpar -m <MACHINE> --filter lpar_names="<lpar>", to see details of an LPAR
STGnsshow, in brocade will list WWPNS
AIXsvmon -P -O sortseg=pgsp, sort processes by virtual memory usage.
UNIXpowermt display, EMC powerpath display
UNIXpowervt xcrypt -info -dev all, EMC powerpath display encryption.
LINiptables -I INPUT -p udp -m udp --dport <port> -j ACCEPT, IP tables incoming rule for tcp/udp port
LINiptables-save > /etc/sysconfig/iptables, IP tables commit
AIXerrlogger <text>,generate an AIX error log.
AIXnimquery -a hmc=<hmcname> -p, to test HMC NIM object.
AIXnimquery -a cec=<cecname> -p, to test cec NIM object.
UNIXsort -n -k<n>, select sort field.
DB/etc/oratab, oracle database versions
AIXPower open firmware, option 8, ioinfo, FCINFO to show WWPN's of LPAR adapters.
STGswitchshow, shows all connected WWPN's of every switch port. Brocade
STGcfcgclear, cfgsave. Clear brocade switch configuration
STGconfigure, change brocade switch configuration. E.g. domain ID
STGconfigupload, used to backup brocade configuration.
STG(Brocade zone/alias command "zone/alias", "value; value") Brocade zonecreate or alicreate command structure
STGEach node of every io group of in storwize cluster has to be zoned to the external storage, for storwize storage virtualization
STGAt least two ports of every node in the storwize cluster needs to be zoned to the external storage, for storwize storage virtualization. (Not enough redundancy errors will appear in the event log)
SCALEDiscover each linux multiplath host bus one at a time, using echo "- - -" > /sys/class/scsi_host/<host>/scan, when using scsi3 reserved disks for spectrum scale.
PPCppc64_cpu --smt=on and ppc64_cpu --smt=off, toggle Linux Power SMT on or off and lscpu will validate
AUTOAIX puppet client installation requires a .rpmmacros file created with "%_tmppath /tmp"
CLDpowervc-config general ifconfig --set --interface <interface_number>, to change powervc network configuration.
MSComputer Configuration /Windows Settings / Security Setting /Network List Manager Policies, Win2012 change network type
LINMake a change to /etc/lvm/lvm.conf and has fixed the RH 7.2 duplicate PV issue.
LINsetenforce 0, to set selinux to permissive mode.
SCALEwbinfo -u, Spectrum Scale linux winbind user information
SCALESpectrum Scale mmuserauth information, installed the Windows 2012 R2 NIS and password sync. The USER_NAME AD user (nas) had UNIX attributes on with a UID (10003) and GID (10001) within the UNIXMAP_DOMAINS range. Set the Primary group in Windows Users Membership to nas-users (10001)
SCALEmmcrfs <local_filesystem> -F <nsdfile> -B 64k, create local filesystem on local disk for Spectrum Scale AFM cache system E.g. mmcrfs afm1 -F disks -B 64k
SCALEmmcrfileset <local_filesystem_device> <fileset_name> -p afmTarget=<homeserver:nfsexportpath> --inode-space=new -p afmMode=single-writer, create AFM fileset on cache system. E.g. mmcrfileset /dev/afm1 cache -p afmTarget=gpfs2:/gpfs/dfs1/nas --inode-space=new -p afmMode=single-writer
SCALEmmlinkfileset <local_filesystem_device> <fileset> -J <newmountpoint_withinTheLocalfilesystemDevice>, Link new filesystem to new local mount point within the new device. E.g mmlinkfileset /dev/afm1 cache -J /gpfs/afm1/nas
SCALEmmchconfig cesSharedRoot=<newmountpoint_withinTheLocalfilesystemDevice>, Have the protocols (SMB or NFS) have this a root directory. E.g. mmchconfig cesSharedRoot=/gpfs/afm1/nas
CLDAdd linux user to powervc filtergroup, usermod -a -G powervc-filter <user>
CLDSetup powervc openstack environment, source /opt/ibm/powervc/powervcrc, export OS_USERNAME=root, export OS_PASSWORD=<password>
CLDopenstack project create --description "Project description" <project name>
CLDAdd linux user to default ibm-default powervc project and define role, openstack role add --project ibm-default --user <user> <role>
CLDopenstack role assignment list --names, list powervc users and their linked projects
CLDTo set or unset powervc policy, export the OS_PROJECT_NAME variable. E.g. export OS_PROJECT_NAME=Linux
CLDpowervc-cloud-config policy-list, to list powervc policy settings.
CLDpowervc-cloud-config -p ibm-default set-policy default_expiration_days <numerical value>, set powervc VM expiration policy
CLDpowervc-cloud-config -p ibm-default set-policy deploy_approval_limit -1, set powervc approval policy to no approval
SCALEmmchdisk <filesystem_device> change -F <nsd_stanza_file>, Spectrum Scale change nsd to dataOnly or metadataOnly
SCALEmmrestripefs <filesystem_device> -r, Spectrum Scale redistribute nsd data and metadata
SCALEdsmmigfs add <filesystem>, adds filesystem to HSM
SCALEdsmmigfs q -d, querys Spectrum Scale space management
SCALEChange Spectrum Protect space management node management class attributes SPACEMGTECHNIQUE=selective, MIGREQUIRESBKUP=yes, MIGDESTINATION=<storagepool>
SCALE/usr/lpp/mmfs/samples/ilm/mmpolicyRules-hsm.sample, for Spectrum Scale and Space Management policy script.
AIXmkcd -L -S -I <cd_image_directory> -m <mksysb_file>, create AIX mksysb file into bootable iso image.
STGBrocade SAN 16Gbps ports should be set to 32 via portcfgfportbuffers for NPIV VIOS
DBdb2ilist, List db2 instances; db2idrop <instance>
DBdb2_deinstall -a, to uninstall DB2
AIX/usr/sbin/rsct/bin/lsnodeid, list AIX node id.
AIXPowerSC copy /etc/security/powersc/uiServer/endpointTruststore.jks to /etc/security/powersc/uiAgent/endpointTruststore.jks on every endpoint
LINblockdev --getbsz <partition>, linux block size
LINsubscription-manager list --available, Red hat available subscriptions
LINsubscription-manager list --consumed, Red hat subscriptions available
LINsubscription-manager subscribe --pool=<pool_id>
LINengine-iso-uploader --iso-domain=ISO_DOMAIN upload <iso_filename>, red hat virtualization manager iso upload
AIXlsnim -POt <nim resource_type>
LENMust use vlan ID for VMWare PXE deployments
LINLinux disk rescan tool, yum install sg3_utils.x86_64 and rescan-scsi-bus.sh
SCALE/usr/lpp/mmfs/ setup -s <admin node IP address>, setup admin node
SCALE/usr/lpp/mmfs/ config populate --node <admin node>, create /usr/lpp/mmfs/
SCALE/usr/lpp/mmfs/ node add -q -a -m -n -p -g <new node>, create new node definition for /usr/lpp/mmfs/
SCALE/usr/lpp/mmfs/ nsd servers add <nsd disk> -s <new node>
SCALEInstall gpfs.license.std, to install spectrum scale via the spectrumscale toolkit.
SCALE/usr/lpp/mmfs/ install, to use the spectrum scale toolkit
SCALEinstall sssd ypbind openldap-clients rpms for spectrum scale protocols
SCALE/usr/lpp/mmfs/ deploy, to install spectrum scale protocols
SCALEctdb status, NAS cluster status
SCALEsmbstatus, samba connection status
SCALEmmces address add --ces-ip <IP address>, add additional IP addresses to the cluster
SCALEmmhealth node show, show spectrum scale node issues
SCALEmmces address add --ces-ip <IP address>, add additional IP addresses to the cluster
SCALEmmces address policy even-coverage, mmces address move --rebalance, these commands will balance multiple IP addresses across the cluster
SCALEmmperfmon config, configures the /opt/IBM/zimon/ZIMonSensors.cfg
SCALEmmcessmblsconfig, list samba configuration
LINLinux winbind lookups, add "winbind" to the shadow,group and passwd sections of the /etc/nsswitch.conf file
LINLinux winbind authentication, authconfig --enablewinbindauth --update
LINmount -t cifs //<IP address>/<share>/ /<local_path> -o username=<user>,domain=<UPPER CASE DOMAIN>,vers=3\.0,uid=<AD_uidnumber>,gid=<AD_gidnumber> , For Spectrum Scale cifs linux clients
STGchiogrp -feature raid -size 80 io_grp0, increase storwize raid memory if additional mdisks cannot be created.
AIXcfgmgr -i <device>, this is used when a device is stating it needs a fileset. E.g. device.fcp.changer
SCALEdsmmigfs enablefailover, on all Spectrum Scale nodes in a cluster.
SPdsmc set password -type=vm <virtualcenter_fqdn> <"vcenteruser_in_quotes"> <"vcenterpassword_in_quotes"> -optfile=<datamover_optfile> -asnode=<proxytarget>, Spectrum Protect VE post installation. Note double quotes around vcenter user and password
SCALE/usr/lpp/mmfs/bin/net ads lookup -S <domain controller>, Spectrum Scale net ads lookup
SCALEmmdiag --config, show spectrum scale configuration options
SCALEmmchange config <configuration_option>=value, change Spectrum Scale configuration.
STGzoneobjectcopy "<configuration_name>","<newconfiguration_name>", backup brocade SAN zoning configuration.
UNIXawk '{print substr($0, index($0,$5)) }' < filename, awk to from row five to last row
UNIX$IFS='\n', must be used in for loops in shell scripts where the data has spaces
UNIXrsync -dirs --existing --ignore-existing --delete -e ssh /<source directory>/ root@ci-dr-sp-s:/<target directory>/, delete target directories only using rsync.
SCALEmmlsnodeclass --all, lists spectrum scale node classes
SCALEmmlsmgr, list spectrum scale manager
LINflock -n </directory/lockfile> <script>, linux tool to stop duplicate tasks running in crontab.
LIN<input command> | parallel --will-cite -j <number of jobs> <command or script>. Linux parallel binary from the fedora epel-release repository to run multiple processes for tasks like rsync.
UNIXrsync can use {} as input, E.g cat list.txt | rsync -av {} user@server:/directory/
LINlsscsi -LH --transport, Linux Fiber channel adapter information
AIXAIX NIM "if1" interface attributes modification example (<NIM_network hostname MAC_address>) /usr/lpp/bos.sysmgt/nim/methods/m_chattr -a if1="ent-Network17 cyclone E41F134FB342" master
AIXnim_master_recover -i <interface_name> -S, to recover NIM master "if1" interface
AIXnfso -po portcheck=0, to fix the 0611 Nim install issue.
AIXDiscover non IBM tape library devices on AIX, smit devices -> Tivoli Storage Manager Devices
STGV7000 IP replication, configure Ethernet Ports with dedicated IP addresses and enable "Remote Copy" only. Do not share remote copy and management ethernet ports.
AUTOansible-doc -l, list ansible modules
SCALEWhen mmuserauth is used on a Spectrum Scale node, copy /etc/krb5.keytab to the other nodes to avoid SMB issues
SCALETo solve spectrum scale client connectivity issues between clustered nodes, add both the nodes and IP addresses into CES groups.
SCALESpectrum Scale samba requires a fully qualified domain name for the Netbios name in /etc/hosts, also prefers to have the first entry.
SCALE/opt/tivoli/tsm/client/hsm/multiserver/bin/dsmreconcileGPFS.pl </spectrum_scale_filesystem>, space management reconciliation.
SCALE mmadquery list uid --user <username> --domain <domain fqdn>, Spectrum scale list all uids
SCALEmmcheckquota -a, schedule to update quota report information
GITgit clone -v https://github.com/<username>/<repo&gt;.git <local_directory>, clone a github repository for local git use.
GITmkdir ~/git-shell-commands, for git shell and commands
GITgit config user.email <email_address>, required by atom editor for git synchronization
GITgit config user.name <github username>, required by atom editor for git synchronization
AUTOansible-playbooks --list-tasks <playbook_name>, to list and test all tasks in the playbook
AUTOansible-playbooks <playbook_name> --extra-vars "var1=<value> var2=<value>", have variables run in the command
AUTOChange ownership for Satellite dhcp provisioning, chown -R root:foreman-proxy /etc/dhcp
AUTOsatellite-installer --scenario satellite --foreman-proxy-dhcp true --foreman-proxy-dhcp-interface <interface_name> --foreman-proxy-dhcp-range "<start_ip> <end_ip>" --foreman-proxy-dhcp-gateway <gateway_ip> --foreman-proxy-dhcp-nameservers <dns_ip>, manually enable satellite DHCP for PXE deployment.
E.g. satellite-installer --scenario satellite --foreman-proxy-dhcp true --foreman-proxy-dhcp-interface eth0 --foreman-proxy-dhcp-range "" --foreman-proxy-dhcp-gateway --foreman-proxy-dhcp-nameservers
AUTOWhen using a Satellite VMWare "<Datacenter/template_name">, you must create a custom user provisioning template and make sure that the VM being used for the template will try and boot from PXE first (Go into BIOS and change boot order) then clone VM to template
AUTOIf having puppet "Could not retrieve catalog" errors on Satellite 6 server, remove from satellite server from any host groups
AUTOawk '/^ *admin_password:/ { print $2 }' > /etc/foreman-installer/scenarios.d/satellite-answers.yaml, to retrieve original satellite admin password
AUTOThe Satellite hammer credentials are now in ~/.hammer/cli.modules.d/foreman.yml. Also the initial password was placed here.
AUTOFor successful VMWare provisioning, only have one "Activation Key" with no subscriptions. A provisioned VM should automatically report to subscribed physical host.
AUTOIf having any satellite puppet agent openscap issues, do not add any "openscap" puppet classes to your "host group". Especially if no openscap policies have been defined
LINreposync --repoid <Repo_name> --download_path=<directory> -m --download-metadata, download contents of remote repository
LINwget -r -l 1 -N -e robots=off --no-directories -P <local_download_directory> -R index.html* http://public.dhe.ibm.com/aix/freeSoftware/aixtoolbox/RPMS/ppc-7.1/repodata/, download yum repository metadata if createrepo is not available.
LINUse "use_proxy = on" and populate "http_proxy = http://<server&gt;:<port>" in the /etc/wgetrc file to have wget use a proxy server
LINapachectl configtest, to test the httpd.conf settings
LIN"Allowoverrides All" in httpd.conf, allows the use of .htaccess files in apache.
SCALEUse (MISC_ATTRIBUTES LIKE '%M%' AND MISC_ATTRIBUTES NOT LIKE '%V%') spectrum scale policy syntax for HSM pre-migrated files. Pre-migrated files still exist in the Spectrum Scale filesystem
SCALEUse (MISC_ATTRIBUTES LIKE '%V%') spectrum scale policy syntax for HSM migrated files, Migrated files are only stubs in the Spectrum Scale filesystem
SCALEmmattr -d </path/file_name>, will display Spectrum Scale attributes of a file
LINrename .conf files in /etc/httpd/conf.d with a suffix other than .conf to remove any conflicting apache configuration with any other webservice. E.g. ssl.conf to ssl.conf.notused
DOCKERdocker container inspect <container>, docker container configuration details
DOCKERdocker image inspect <image>, docker image configuration details
DOCKERdocker container ls -a, list all docker containers
DOCKERdocker run --name portainer -d -p 9000:9000 -v /var/run/docker.sock:/var/run/docker.sock -v portainer_data:/data portainer/portainer, create portainer container and persistent data volume and then "http://<hostname&gt;:9000" for docker GUI management
DOCKERdocker container start <container>, start docker container
DOCKERcreate a directory and then create a docker-compose.yaml in the directory to create and manage containers via docker-compose.
DOCKERIn the docker-compose.yaml directory, "docker-compose up -d" to create or start container in the background and "docker-compose down" to stop the container
DOCKERdocker exec -it <container_name> /bin/bash, run commands in a docker container. use "exit" command to exit the container session.
DOCKERdocker run --name registry -d -p 5000:5000 -v registry_data:/var/lib/registry registry:2, install local docker registry
DOCKERpip install docker-py, to allow docker-compose to use local registry images
MSSQLMove-ClusterResource -Name "Cluster Name" -Group "Cluster Group", if the Cluster Name is accidentaly moved into a role in the Windows Failover cluster Manager
LINApache 2.4.25 onwards can have issues with reverse proxy traffic, the HttpProtocolOptions directive affects this behaviour
DOCKERdocker network create ansible --subnet --gateway, create a custom docker bridge network using a specific subnet. E.g. ansible. The example subnet and gateway used are non routable to the docker host.
LINDisable IPv6 on Centos7, have "ipv6.disable=1" as the first argument in the GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX line in /etc/default/grub. Then "grub2-mkconfig -o /boot/grub2/grub.cfg" to recreate boot configuration
VMWAREvmkfstools -J getuuid "/vmfs/volumes/<datastore_name>/<disk_file>.vmdk", to determine disk ID
AIXlshwres -m <server name> -r virtualio --rsubtype eth --level lpar --filter lpar_ids=<LPAR ID>, list virtual LAN slots on IVM (VIOS) server
AIXchhwres -m <server name> -p <VIOS LPAR name> -o a -r virtualio --rsubtype eth -s <slot number> -a "ieee_virtual_eth=1,port_vlan_id=20,\"addl_vlan_ids=2530\""is_trunk=1trunk_priority=1"" -d 5 add virtual LAN adapter to IVM (VIOS) server with PVID 20 and VLAN's 25 and 30"
MSSet-ClusterQuorum -NodeAndFileShareMajority "\\<Server>\<share>", Create Windows file share witness for MS Cluster.
MSParse spaces in Powershell environment example. 'cp \\server\Department` Folder\automation\*.* C:\temp\'
MSsetspn -L <domain>\<user> or <computer>, to list existing SPN associations made via the setspn command
MSAdd line "registry=http://registry.npmjs.org/" in %USERPROFILE%\.atom\.apmrc for Windows Atom to install packages and updates successfully using cntlm local proxy service
AIXnetstat -Aan, rmsock <pcb addr> tcpcb, to find what process id is using a socket on AIX
LINls -ld /proc/<pid number>, to find the start date and time of a process that had started before the current date
LINpvresize, to resize a scsi device that has been allocated as a physical volume in LVM
AIXlvmo -v <vgname> -a, to display blocked IO count for a volume group and can compare against the global value
AIXlvmo –v <vgname> -o pv_pbuf_count=2048, if the blocked IO count is high and has increased
MSquser; mstsc /shadow:<id> /control, quser will list users and RDP session ID's and then use the mstsc command to shadow or control a RDP session
MSGet-ADGroup -Filter {Name -like "something*"} | select Name, PS example of filtering of a feild using a wildcard value and then selecting a feild.
UNIXawk '$1 !~ /[0-9]/', awk listing 1st column with no numbers.
EXCHGet-MailboxDatabase -Status | select Name,DatabaseSize ,Get Exchange Mail Database sizes
AUTOhttp://jsonviewer.stack.hu/, is useful to for displaying unformatted JSON data like Ansible output
VMWAREesxcli software vib install -d /vmfs/volumes/<datastore>/<offline_bundle>.zip, to upgrade VMWare ESXi to an update release.
DOCKERdocker stack deploy -c docker-compose.yml wordpress, start a docker stack from the docker-compose.yml file and call it wordpress (from Manager node)
DOCKERdocker stack ls, to list running docker stacks (from Manager node)
DOCKERdocker stack rm <stack_name>, to stop a docker swarm stack (from Manager node)
DOCKERdocker services ls, to view running docker containers running as part of a stack (from Manager node)
DOCKERdocker node ls, to view nodes in a docker swarm (from Manager node)
LINRedirectMatch 301 ^/ https://www.example.com/webpage, apache vhost redirects any URL to "https://www.example.com/webpage&quot;
LINvdo growLogical --name=<vdo_volume_name> --vdoLogicalSize=200G, to increase the logical size of a vdo volume.
LINxfs_growfs /<mount_point>, to resize an xfs volume. This also needs to done when the vdoLogicalSize has been increased to an underlying vdo volume.
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